Hello Serteens and friends of Serteens!

My name is Reina Maglasang and I am the 2017-2018 Serteens Club President.

Each year, the president of the Serteens Club is tasked with designing and constructing the club’s year theme, which outlines all activities, socials, camps, and service projects. The theme describes what we (as a club) should think about throughout the year.

This upcoming year’s theme is “aspire to inspire”. I found this quote to be a true embodiment of the George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii because not only are we trying to become stronger leaders, but we are also aspiring to spread our talents to better the community. By focusing on our individual skills, and learning how to apply them positively in our daily lives, we can grow our character and the character of the people around us.

Service to others is an immensely important habit to adopt, yet sometimes we find ourselves in a position where serving others may not be our priority. Through the various activities and camps planned for this year, I would like to focus on honing our natural talents and putting them to use for the greater community. As we are all growing up in a society of negativity, it would be a nice change for us, as leaders of our generation, to take initiative and inspire others to follow.

Reina Maglasang
President, George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii 2017-2018