The George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii has been serving gifted and talented teens in Hawaii for over 40 years.

 Our goals include personal growth, friendship, service to the community, and leadership training.


In 1972, the Oahu chapter of Sertoma, a non-profit organization, elected to serve Hawaii’s community through the gifted and talented students of Hawaii in all public and private schools.

Star Bulletin Notice of Club Formation June 11, 1972 (Click to Enlarge)

This group, under the charge of Col. Ed Jurkens and Major George B. Carter founded The Lyle Knoll Memorial Serteens Club of Hawaii.

Over a thousand of Hawaii’s gifted and talented students have now been a part of Serteens.

Many continue to aid the community throughout their adult lives, including as part of Sertoma.

Renamed In Honor of George B. Carter

In July 2004, the Lyle Knoll Memorial Serteens Club of Hawaii was renamed the George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii to honor one of the founders of the club.

George B. Carter aided mankind and devoted his life to motivating gifted and talented teens everywhere.

In 2011, George Carter passed away in West Hills, California.

May I Slay A Dragon For You?

George Carter left behind his legacy in the Serteens Club of Hawaii, as well as memories and life lessons in his book May I Slay A Dragon For You? The Hawaii Serteens Story.

While future Serteens will never meet George Carter, we have many links to the past in our Serteens Advisors: including retired LTC Darryl Ching, the original president of the Serteens Club of Hawaii in 1972!

Now after over four decades of service, The Serteens club of Hawaii continues it’s mission to provide gifted and talented students opportunities for personal growth, friendship, leadership training and service to mankind.